Alimak Hek provides first Twin 450 Hoist solution in Melbourne’s CBD

Icon Construction–Flinders Lodge 560 Flinders Street, Melbourne, Australia

Alimak Hek engineered and provided Icon Construction with a Twin 450 Hoist solution for a compact building site on Flinders Street with specialised engineering applications to provide safe installation over the iconic street in the heart of Melbourne.

Flinders Lodge—560 Flinders Street Melbourne

Commencing in July 2015, Icon’s Flinders Lodge involved the construction of 132 Apartments. The project was in total 29 story’s with a lifting height of 82 metres including a ground floor retail space in the heart of Melbourne’s iconic Flinders Street. Project works were completed in April 2016.

This project was the first project to incorporate a twin Alimak Scando 450 construction hoist set up to meet site requirements, as the hoists were supported off the gantry. A larger sized hoist was the customers preference to cut down on waiting time and meet their budget, however Alimak Hek provided the twin solution to meet both these requirements.

Providing Engineering Solutions

Alimak Hek was engaged to provide comprehensive planning and engineering for the installation of the Twin 450 set up to meet with the compact site, design of the building and proximity to the crane. Specialised ties had to be engineered and fabricated to fit around the existing crane ties. The height of the building allowed for the 450 twin configuration, larger hoists were not an option due to the load restraints as they were supported off the gantry.

Compact Fit and Site Constraints

Located on Flinders Street, Flinders Lodge was constructed with heavy pedestrian traffic below as well as overhead tram power lines to contend with. Alimak Hek fabricated a customised trolley start to provide clearance of the tramlines, a first to be installed in Australia.

Alimak Hek delivers the perfect solution

To resolve these challenges, and meet required access demands, Alimak Hek engineered the twin hoists to enable positioning in the only available space while effectively providing Icon with a solution to moving materials and trades consistently through out the construction works.

The twin set up maximised hoist efficiency, increased reliability and improved utilisation which resulted in minimised project downtime, with an Icon representative stating that “the construction hoists provided a reliable solution due to the load restraints as the job was supported off a gantry”.

Construction Hoist Details

Icon Constructions, Flinders Lodge, Melbourne, Australia
Product model:
Product model: ALIMAK SCANDO 450 FC 14/24 II
Residential—29 Story / 132 Apartment building
1,400 kg
Car size:
1.4 m x 2.4 m
45 m/min
Lifting height:
82 m
Construction elevators

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