Alimak rack and pinion hoist solves cement plant shutdown access issues

Berrima Cement Works, NSW, Australia

Boral Cement upgrade to an Alimak high-speed rack and pinion hoist in time for their busy plant shutdown period. Alimak Hek ensures the installation is completed on time and in line with Alimak Hek quality standards.

Boral Cement’s Berrima operations play a vital role in the supply of cement to the Australian building and construction industry. In 2011, Boral made the decision to upgrade from the previously installed Alimak Scando rack and pinion hoist, to the lighter, faster and quieter high-speed Alimak Scando 650.

The original Alimak Scando hoist had been installed at Berrima since 2008, and was primarily used during periods of shutdown for maintenance and inspection work on the processing plant. The replacement Alimak Scando high-speed hoist would perform these same duties, lifting men and materials 80m, and allowing maintenance operators to access any one of the ten service platforms.

Given the short time frame that shutdown periods afford Boral for maintenance and servicing, it was imperative the new Alimak Scando 650 high-speed hoist was operational in time for the December shutdown period. This would require the original Alimak Scando hoist to be removed and the new hoist installed within a two-week time frame.

During the dismantle stage of the project, it was discovered severe damage had occurred to the mast and ties of the original hoist. This damage was the result of years of cement dust accumulating on the bolts of the hoist, making it extremely difficult to dismantle. To ensure the new Alimak Scando hoist was installed in time for Boral’s December shutdown, Alimak Hek employed six field service technicians, guaranteeing the job was completed on time and in line with Alimak Hek’s quality standards.

The Alimak Scando 650 rack and pinion hoist has been in operation at the Berrima Cement Works since December 2011, allowing maintenance crews to access the processing plant for vital inspections and servicing during busy shutdown periods. The aluminum nature of the hoist makes its doors lighter and easier to operate, addressing any manual handling hazards or safety concerns.

Construction hoist details

Berrima Cement Works, NSW, Australia
Product Model
Cement processing plant, shutdown access
No. of Landings
2400 kg
Car size
1.5 m x 3.2 m x 2.3 m
60 m/min
Lifting height
80 m
Berrima Cement Works

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