Hek EasyLifter eases elevator installation in one of Europe’s tallest residential buildings

Pan Peninsula Towers, London, UK

When it was topped out in September 2007, the east tower of Pan Peninsula overlooking Canary Wharf became London’s tallest residential structure and one of the tallest such buildings in Europe. The project’s east and west towers stand at 147 m and 122 m respectively.

The Pan Peninsula project was developed by Ballymore Properties Ltd, one of the leading contributors to the regeneration of East London the Docklands in particular. Ballymore awarded the contract for the development’s high-speed elevators to Mitsubishi Electric, a leading innovator of elevator technologies. Helping Mitsubishi Electric optimize the efficiency of their elevator installations were Hek EasyLifters, which were installed by Alimak Hek rental partner, Onison Ltd.

The Hek EasyLifter is a unique, powered access work platform that has been developed from established and proven technology. The Hek EasyLifter provides a safe, flexible, and cost-effective alternative to scaffolding and suspended systems for elevator shafts. The Hek EasyLifter can be erected and dismantled in less time than traditional scaffolding, and once installed, saves time and money by providing higher productivity.

Hek EasyLifters provided Mitsubishi’s elevator engineers at the Pan Peninsula towers with free movement up and down the high-rise shafts, allowing the platforms to be positioned at the optimum working height for all tasks. The Hek EasyLifter is a fully equipped moving work platform with its own power supply and lighting, allowing all tools and equipment to be transported to any position within the shaft from a single supply point. It eliminates the need to move equipment around the site, aiding security, reducing manual handling, and improving safety.

Alimak Hek’s rental partner, Onison, worked closely with Ballymore Properties and Mitsubishi to ensure that the elevator installation progressed as efficiently as possible. The installation of a temporary floor in the elevator shaft allowed construction on the upper floors to continue while the elevator equipment was being installed in the completed floors below. Upon completion of the upper floors, the temporary floor was removed and the EasyLifters were extended, allowing Mitsubishi to continue the installation process on the remaining floors. The use of Hek EasyLifters also allowed other trades to work within the elevator shafts independent of the elevator engineers.

The Hek EasyLifter has proven to be the most reliable, most efficient, and safest method of elevator installation available today.

Work platform details

Pan Peninsula Tower, London, UK
Residential building, elevator shaft
Product model
Hek EasyLifter
750 kg
Platform size
1.8 x 1.8 m
No. of platforms
12 m/min
Lifting height
120 m
Pan Peninsula Towers

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