Hek mast climbers create a work platform in the sky

700 Bourke St, Docklands, VIC, Australia

Twin HEK MCM mast climbers were used during the cladding of the 700 Bourke St office tower façade. The 25m work platform was rotated throughout four site locations, providing a stable work area in the sky. 

Alimak Hek installed two HEK MCM mast climbers to be used in the cladding of the Brookfield Multiplex 700 Bourke St building façade. Given the unique shape of the office tower exterior, and the challenges in fitting the Alucobond glass panelling, Hek mast climbers provided the perfect access solution.

700 Bourke St is one of two proposed office buildings forming the development known as Bourke St Junction, and will feature 16 levels comprising retail facilities, two levels of podium car parking and the new site of the National Australia Bank offices. Construction of the new office tower commenced in March 2011. With a completion date of May 2013, the project is valued at an estimated $350 m.

To complete the cladding of the building façade with energy-efficient, high performance, solar-glazed Alucobond panels, site workers required access to the 22 levels of the structure’s exterior. Alimak Hek provided an access solution in the form of two HEK MCM mast climbers, each configured in a twin arrangement to provide 25m of extended work space.

Hek mast climbers were the optimal choice for the project, requiring less assembly and dismantling than scaffolding, saving time and costs on site. Hek mast climbers are fast to assemble, allowing the platforms to be moved quickly and efficiently between locations, as cladding progressed. The mast climbers were moved a total of four times during the fitting and installation of the panels, spending approximately four weeks in each location.

A twin HEK MCM has the capacity to hold 2400kg, providing 24 workers at a time with a stable and clear work area. The HEK MCM has the stability to allow work to continue during high wind periods, and with power supply points physically located on each unit, power tools can be run directly off the platform, reducing the risks from hanging power leads.

The fitting and installation of the 700 Bourke St glass panels was completed in December 2012, taking an estimated 16 weeks to complete. The complex patterned configuration of the panels will aid in reducing the heat absorption of the building and contribute to the project’s 6-star green energy rating.

Work platform details

Docklands, VIC, Australia
Product Model
HEK MCM single & twin mast climber
Office tower, facade cladding
No. of Platforms
Single: 700kg, Twin: 2400 kg
Platform Size
10m - 25m
12 m/min
Lifting Height
22 levels, 60m
Hek mast climbers create a work platform in the sky

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