Hek mast climbing work platforms to help build new hotel

New Golden Tulip Hotel in Diegem, Belgium

A new Golden Tulip hotel is being built at Diegem, near to Brussels in Belgium. This business hotel is located next the motorway and close to the international airport at Zaventem. Therefore a well insulated building is extremely important for the comfort of guests.

The company of Corswarem is responsible for installing the curtain walls and glazing of the entire complex. Two mast climbing work platforms of type HEK MCM are being used to carry out the work: a single-mast machine with a platform length of 12 metres and two extensions of 1.6 metres and a double-mast machine of 26 metres. Both have masts with a height of 20 metres.

Four people from Corswarem work on the mast climbing work platforms, and subcontractors also make use of the machines for finishing off the building.

"We often hire mast climbing work platforms from Alimak Hek. A mast climbing work platform is the best solution for us because we often have to install heavy materials", says Mr. Bart Grommen, project leader at Corswarem.

"They allow us to work faster, are ergonomic for our employees and make it possible to install the structure with crane support. These are the main reasons we choose mast climbing work platforms. The initial thought might be that a mast climber is more expensive, but we quickly see a return in investment due to the speed at which we can work!" Corswarem has purchased the HEK MCM mast climbing work platforms.

"In the past, we always used to hire the work platforms", says Bart Grommen.

"Because we work a lot on projects that need mast climbing work platforms, we decided to buy three machines for ourselves. If we’re short of machines, we hire extra ones from Alimak Hek. Alimak Hek is responsible for erecting our own machines."

Work platform details

Golden Tulip hotel, Diagem, Belgium
Platform type
HEK MCM, one single and one twin
1200 kg and 2400 kg
Platform size
12 m x 3.2 m and 26 m x 1.6 m (W x L)
12 m/min
Lifting height
20 m
New Golden Tulip Hotel in Diegem

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