Jheronimus Residential Tower, ‘s Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

After a long preparation phase, the construction of the Jheronimus Residential Tower is well underway now. The tower is located on the Hofvijver in the Palace Quarters of ’s Hertogenbosch in the south of the Netherlands. The building structure has been placed partly on a underground parking garage. The other part is situated on and above the Hofvijver.

The highest residential tower of ’s Hertogenbosch consists out of 88 sale and rental apartments, divided over 21 stories. the total height of the building is around 75m. At the 55 meter level, the tower perimeter is around 1m smaller.

The main contractor, Wessels Zeist, has realised the structure mainly in the so-called tunnel-construction, which is a building method, where walls and floors/ceilings are casted in 1 pour. Also pre-fab concrete elements are used in some locations. Façade company De Rollecate installs the window frames, glazing and façade elements.

The facade works are realised with the use of 4 twin mast HEK work platforms. One HEK MSHF twin mast platform is installed at each of the facades. To be able to work on the area from level 55 meter to level 75 meter, the platforms have an extension on the façade side, to enable working on the facade.

During this phase the platforms cannot reach the ground level and will be parked at the 55 meter level outside the working hours. To park them safely a special mast tie has been installed.

Due to the specific shape of the façade, the building has been divided in several phases for the installation of the facade works:

  • The installation of the frames and windows from bottom up to the 55 meter level. The extension of the work area on the facade side of the platforms and installation of the facade from 55 meter up to 75 meter. Dismantling of the platform masts from 75 meter to 55 meter and re-installation of the extensions.
  • Installation of the remaining façade from 55 meter to ground level (top to bottom) and dismantling of the platforms.
HEK Mast climbing work platforms ease facade works

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