The next generation of Mast Climbers makes the façade work easy on Iceland

Urðarhvarf, Kópavogur, Iceland

Two HEK MC 450 mast climbing work platforms were used to finish facade work, repairs and some window work for a new building. The HEK MC 450 provided efficient vertical access for personnel and all materials needed.

Two HEK MC 450 mast climbing work platforms were used to finish facade work, repairs and some window work on a new hotel/office building at Urðarhvarf, Kópavogur, Iceland. With a payload capacity of 2,500 – 4,500 kg, 20 meters wide and with a lifting height of 30 meters. The work platforms provided efficient vertical access and were capable of transporting all the materials needed for the facade work, significantly reducing time spent on transporting materials.

The personnel were extremely satisfied with the work conditions and the transporting capacity of the Hek mast climbing work platforms.

Next generation of mast climbers

The HEK MC 450 is the next generation of strong, robust and quality mast climbing work platforms supplied by the Alimak Hek Group. This new model offers the best ratio of performance and quality for global use in the light and medium range of applications.

Ergonomic ease of operation

Hek mast climbing work platforms can lift all types of load and position them to the nearest centimetre. Heavy tools and materials are then always within reach. Furthermore, working on a Hek mast climbing work platform is made easy, because there are limited obstructions to the facade in the way. As a result, the whole operation is both visible and easy accessible at all times.

In other words, Hek mast climbing work platforms generate a comfortable working situation whilst increasing productivity – yet another decisive cost saving.

The platforms can be adjusted in both length and width. The HEK MC 450 can carry a maximum load of 2,500 kg for a single mast and 4,500 kg for a twin mast.

All lifting height of up to 200 metres. This makes it possible, in addition to all the tools and equipment required, to also lift a whole day’s production to the working level in one lift. This logistical advantage is major source of cost saving!


Urðarhvarf, Kópavogur, Iceland
Newbuild hotel/office building
Platform type:
HEK MC 450 Twin
No. of drive units:
4,500 kg
Platform size:
20 m
8 m/min.
Lifting height:
30 m
Urðarhvarf, Kópavogur, Iceland

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