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The Alimak Marine Elevator is designed specifically for marine applications including passenger and freight elevator transportation across a range of marine vessels.

Built on Alimak’s renowned traction technology, the new ALIMAK ME marine elevator is available in two car sizes, features loading capacities of up to 1,600 kg and has superior ride comfort, all without the need for a machine room.

The elevator consists of a high quality, reinforced carbon steel car frame with progressive safety gear in accordance to European regulations and is available with the option of hot dip galvanization, suitable for high humidity areas.

Emergency scenarios have been factored in with an escape hatch in the ceiling of the elevator car, an emergency escape ladder and LED roof lighting with emergency diodes. The landing doors are specially reinforced for marine application and for installation in the welded shaft.

Alimak ME marine elevators comply with EN81-20/50, ISO 8383, DNV Rules for lifts and 2014/33/EU regulations. The elevators are standardised and designed according to client’s optimal shaft utilization, fit for purpose.

Industrial vessels are often found in harsh environments, and any effective marine elevator therefore needs to be capable of handling tough weather conditions as well as unavoidable roll, pitch and heave as specified in ISO8383. Alimak’s marine elevators can be relied upon during their lifetime.

Alimak has supplied elevators for the marine and offshore market since 1974 and continues to invest in new technologies and concepts to improve the productivity and sustainability of the industry.

ALIMAK ME - Marine Elevators

Våra hissar är konstruerade, utformade och tillverkade för att ge tillförlitlighet på lång sikt samtidigt som de är mycket stryktåliga även i mycket tuffa arbetsmiljöer!

  • Standardized design for marine applications
  • Based on MRL design (Machine Room Less)
  • Mechanical and electrical interfaces clearly specified
  • Less interfaces and simpler installation
  • Energy efficient machinery
  • Eco-efficiency
  • Superior ride comfort
  • Fully collective elevator control system
  • Durable materials: stainless steel car wall panels and roof with car support frame of carbon steel
  • Wide range of optional equipment and functions delivering you the right equipment for each individual task
  • Available 3D model for implementation during early phase of the vessel design

Trygghet i arbetet

Våra hissar är konstruerade, utformade och tillverkade för att ge tillförlitlighet på lång sikt samtidigt som de är mycket stryktåliga även i mycket tuffa arbetsmiljöer!

Passenger and goods
1.0 m/s
Elevator suspension
As per client specification
Car doors
1 off
Car size (WxDxH)
1,100 x 2,100 x 2,100 mm or 1,400 x 2,500 x 2,100 mm
Rated load
1,000 kg (13 passengers) or 1,600 kg (21 passengers)
Shaft size (WxD)
Min. 2,100 x 2,500 mm or 2,325 x 2,950 mm
Pit depth
Min. 1,000 mm or 1,075 mm
Clear headroom
Min. 3,400 mm or 3,600 mm
Travel height
As per client specification
Machine position
MRL (in shaft-top)
Fire class
None (A60 on request)

For other demands or specification, please consult your Alimak representative.

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